How to Select the Perfect Graduation Gift For A New College or High School Graduate

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    • 1). Write down your college graduate's goals, interests and hobbies. A list of specific activities will inspire you to brainstorm graduation presents that will go to furthering that graduate's passion. For example, send a music lover on a tour of all the big summer music festivals with a concert road trip package.

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      Speaking of road trips, traveling is one of the most memorable experiences a person can have, and the months off in between schools, or in between school and a career, is the best time to see the world. Do a little research to find out the graduate's dream vacation, or get in touch with the parents of the kid's friends to plan a trip for the whole slew of seniors. Traveling in groups is more fun anyway. Years from now, when he is looking back at travel photos, he's not going to forget who's graduation present made those images possible!

    • 3). If you are nervous that your graduation gift is just going to be something that isn't needed, wait. But don't forget to let the graduate know that you are there for him or her to cash in for that gift whenever it is needed. Money for vehicle repairs? Congratulations on your graduation! This is only an option if you are super close to the graduate. Otherwise, he or she will assume you are avoiding the entire celebration.

    • 4). Put money toward an awesome graduation party. Invite all of his and her closest friends, and hold it at an impressive location. Think of it this way: your "gift" may be over it one night, forgotten like the plastic cups and silverware picked up and trashed the next morning, but all the graduation gifts he or she will receive from people who attend the party are thanks to you.

    • 5). For your high school graduate, think about preparing him or her for college with a college preparation kit. This kit amounts to a bunch of small graduation gifts in one: college gear, books, school supplies, furniture and other college essentials will ensure that the kid is able to stay on top of education when away. Use the high school graduation gift to propel your loved one toward college graduation!


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