Don’t Let Anyone Take Your Cool

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We all get cranky sometimes. We are placed in uncomfortable situations every now and again and we get antsy. We may have an annoying co-worker who is a pain in the butt or a boss who loves to micromanage you. The point is there are all kinds of circumstances that get under our skin and the same with people. Circumstances and people are two things we can't control. The one thing we can is our self. Our self-control and mindset can make our life miserable or we can have everything we want.

Accept people at face value and know that nothing is personal. Your life is what you make it. No one else has that power over you, and if they do, it's up to you to get it back. No one else knows your thoughts or where you come from, what you been through, or what you want. They may know about certain things but will never know the full extent from your standpoint.

The passenger on the place who keeps bumping into you or the kid who leaves his toys in your yard are things we can't control. The annoying neighbor's dog or the train that always wakes you up are more things out of our own control. Things happen and you won't always be uncomfortable. Those situations are all temporary and dealing with them is all the same and it's very simple, a choice about the matter. Easier said than done but know that in your mind you create your world no matter what your circumstances are. Time, effort, and location have nothing to do with it.

The spouses who aren't supportive and are very abrasive, or who drinks too much, or those people who just naturally get under your skin, have no effect on you unless you want them to are even more things we can't control. It is hard getting that concept down because we are all emotionally involved, but it's imperative that we do. Just because someone else woke up on the wrong side of the bed doesn't mean you have to. Once that person's mood gets you in a funk, then you just made your day ten times worse.

Get to that point of self-control of your emotions, accepting the situation, and choosing to be happy and focus on the positive and no one will shake you. The funny thing is once you let that annoying person get to you; their effect will last long after you are out from their presence. No one person is worth your happiness. They can't live your life and you can't live theirs. If they don't want to do something for you then they don't, accept it, and don't get mad. Your life, emotions, and joy are yours. Choose the best thing for yourself and continue to press on.

You will find that when you take care of yourself you take care of others. Take care of yourself by choosing to be happy. Do this and next time instead of their bad mood rubbing off on you, your good mood will rub off on them. Don't let anyone take your cool.


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