FDIC Insurance Limits for the Money Market

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    Types of Accounts Insured

    • The FDIC does not insure brokerage house money market mutual funds or credit union money market accounts. It covers only money market deposit accounts at banks and similar institutions. Check to make sure your bank has insurance at the FDIC Bank Find website. The National Credit Union Administration provides insurance for credit unions.

    Coverage Limits

    • The FDIC covers money market accounts at insured banks for the principal plus interest up to the insurance limit, $250,000 per depositor, for each category of ownership and for each insured bank. You can have $250,000 in insurance in as many different banks as you wish. Different branches of the same institution count as one.

    Multiplying Insurance

    • You can multiply the insurance coverage at the same institution by properly titling your money market accounts in different categories. For example, you can have a single account and a joint account, with $250,000 in insurance for each owner or co-owner in the two accounts. Check your insurance limit using the online FDIC estimator.


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