Take Photos With Your Digital Camera - Then Sell Your Digital Photos Online

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If you are like me, you have been taking pictures for a long time.
With the revolution of the Digital Camera and Digital Photos there are pictures everywhere.
Anyone who likes to take pictures can take as many as they choose and do so for virtually no money.
So why not turn your digital photos into an extra income online.
With a little time and some good advice you can turn your Digital Camera into a cash machine.
First: You will need to organize your photos into files using only the best photos.
A good file organizer is helpful and can be very useful to continue keep your bulk photos organized.
I have been using Picasa for a long time and it has served me quite well.
There are other photo programs that are similar and will serve the same purpose.
What I like about Picasa is you can separate each section of photos into dates then you can add a title to these dates and even where the event took place.
For instance, if you shoot several different settings over a period of several days or weeks when you download them into your computer you can then split each event at the change of each date.
Or even picture by picture.
You can then separate your photos into categories of class and quality.
It is simple and it is free.
Second: You are going to have to find web sites where you can post your digital photos.
There are several sites that will accept your photos.
You will have to sign up to get started.
These are all free.
They will give you their suggestions on what to look for when picking your digital pictures to submit to their online site.
They will tell you what subject matter sells best.
They will also tell you what type of material you should avoid using.
If you like taking a lot of pictures of a variety of different subjects you probably have a number of quality digital photos that will sell online.
Just think when you are looking at photos on a given web site you will be looking at your very own.
The ones you took with your digital camera.
They are there for the world to see and it did not cost you a thing to put them there.
Well, just a little time.

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