Quality Personal Development - 3 Key Ways to Magnify Your Efforts

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I'm sure you've heard the phrase "work smarter, not harder" - well, the same applies to all endeavors and personal development.
I've covered 3 key ways in which you can magnify your efforts by approaching personal development with a smarter mindset.
Understand The Fundamentals.
I think people tend to pick up personal development and run with it, no matter where they started in the race.
Because of this, many seem to disregard the fundamentals and concentrate on the more advanced techniques.
This is a huge mistake - if you don't understand what the basic cognitive processes are and how to improve them, you're forced to work harder in all other areas.
To clarify for you, the basic cognitive processes are: attention, acquisition, intuition, learning, and memory.
Develop these and you're now working smarter, instead of harder.
Nurture Your Creativity.
 I speak to so many people who believe they are not creative.
For whatever reason, they have no inclination to create things consciously and so completely abandon this within their personal development.
It's folly! The human mind creates by its very nature, which is what drives everything we do; our whole personality is an expression of our creativity.
By embracing creative thought, you are allowing yourself to evolve in your own unique way.
Don't allow your own self-limiting beliefs to hinder your progress.
Write, draw, express yourself in any way you can.
Through this, you will begin to appreciate your creativity and understand the importance it holds on the paths and roundabouts of success.
Develop Independent Thought.
Independent thought plays a crucial part in personal development.
What benefits one, will not necessarily benefit another.
For example, some people are visual learners while others may be aural learners.
Do not allow yourself to fall into the rut of simply following blindly.
You know you more than anyone, and it's your responsibility to feed your mind and body that which will benefit you the most.
This is where self-discovery comes in.
By learning who you are and how you tick, you learn how to improve yourself on a profound level.
I hope that helps you on your path to quality personal development.

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