How to Replace a Watch Battery for a Seiko

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    • 1). Place your Seiko watch face down on a soft cloth. This is to avoid scratching the face of the watch and to gain access to the battery.

    • 2). Remove the back of the watch to expose the battery. Loosen the screws with the screwdriver if your watch has screws and take the back off. Put the screws in a safe place for later. If your Seiko watch has a snap on back, place the tip of the flat-head screwdriver underneath an edge of the casing and carefully pry it open.

    • 3). Turn the watch over to remove the battery. Make a note of how the battery is situated inside the watch. Place the screwdriver in between the battery and the battery holster and gently pop it out.

    • 4). Insert the new battery into the watch. Turn the watch back onto it's face. Turn the new battery in the same direction the old battery when it was in the watch. Slowly push the new battery into the holster until it is securely inside.

    • 5). Replace the Seiko's watch back. Snap the back on if it is a snap on watch back. Screw the back on if the back was secured by screws. Your Seiko watch will be operational again.


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