Tarragona National Archaeological Museum

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The Tarragona National Archaeological Museum, or MNAT, is found in Tarragona's old quarter (Casc Antic), in the Plaça del Rei. The museum harbours an impressive store of ancient artifacts, including Catalonia's greatest trove of remains from the Roman period, when Tarragona was the capital of an important Roman province.

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Occupying a 1960s neoclassical building wedged into the city walls, MNAT is justly famous for its classical treasures.

There are Roman mosaics, including a Medusa's head and hunting scenes, while on the top floor there is a room dedicated to busts and statues, including the Roman emperors Trajan, Claudius and Hadrian, and a pantheon of mythical deities and beasts.

Another collection likely to interest is the section dedicated to Roman domestic life, where you can see objects such as keys, belt buckles, bells and other fittings from daily life in antiquity. Also worth some time is an audiovisual room showing an educational video interpreting the history of Roman Tarragona.

The museum is open 10-8 between Tuesday-Saturday and until 2pm on Sundays. You can see the rest of Tarragona's historic attractions - sadly not including this one - for a reduced price by purchasing a combined ticket from the tourist office nearby on Carrer Major.

Essential Information
Address: Plaça del Rei, 43005, Tarragona
Telephone: 97 723 6209
How to Get There: Renfe Trains run hourly from Barcelona to Tarragona. From the train station it's a 15-minute walk up the hill towards the old town.


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