Thinking Outside the Box!

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Before I start, I would like to declare that this is my opinion.
Some may even call me a dummy with a human head after I express my thoughts, ideas, and concerns about the "Great America".
Over the years, America has married outside of the country with its greed.
Remember, this is only my opinion and we all know that means nothing.
I have seen our country grow ever so much in debt.
The business of debt has become the appetite for our continued growth.
It is the fuel to our violent fire that is ablaze across America.
You may argue that this is not true because you're the one becoming portly from the profits of debt.
Chances are, you are a debtor to the system as well.
The American structure has been seized by international bankers who are in the business of profiting on our debt.
You would be foolish to believe that this is not true.
The voracity of man has proven in past history that every system has a process to benefit the creators and only satisfy the insatiable hunger of those intimately involved.
We have become professionals on how to hate one another, how to use each other and how not to trust our fellow man.
The once told fable of how we are to love, care, and support our fellow man has been suppressed and digested out of our system.
Just as an example, I must say that it is a testimony to our society by the immeasurable growth of the homeless community in America and how we have labeled them as second class citizens, as if they have no meaning to society and they aren't possibly veterans' of wars and past Presidents and C.
's of businesses.
Now, you tell me, is that what America calls love? So now, with all that being said, I hope you are starting to think about the things that many of us have forgotten to do while they are shoving more food down our throats, whether it be the late night news or reading the newspaper.
We are dictated on whom we should trust and who we should love.
I myself have experienced the power of the media and enjoy the venue of being a radio talk show host.
I have been blessed to be able to express my vast views and opinions to the world.
In doing so, this has given me an image and has made me a public figure with a voice.
Now, back to my point at hand, we are facing a changing world in the near future.
I place this warning to those who are under the rule of not thinking for yourself.
Become a free thinking soul again and don't let your mind be saturated with the filth of the media's opinions and unproven facts.
Investigate with your own common sense and then start thinking outside of the box, because outside of the box is where you will find your true unadulterated freedom.

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