Meditation, Music and Sound Waves

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Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell for validating to the world that the mind is both a broadcasting and receiving station and thanks too to the work carried out by neuro scientists in Britain for their work on the benefits of upbeat sounds.
When we listen to the alpha, delta, beta and theta sound waves in a programmed environment with music added we receive magical rewards from multi dimensions.
Actually if you listen to your favourite dance music whether it is disco, reggae, rap, heavy rock or even classical the benefits are greater than listening to those self appointed wonders for the mind: I speak of mind games (metaphorically and real).
In fact it has been proved that mind games have actually zero benefits for the advances of the mind but perhaps they do have a benefit just as any game does and that is the extent of their rewards or the lack thereof.
Therefore go wild to Roxy Music, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath or whatever group whets your appetite for joyful exertions.
One amazing and added bonus to all this participation dwells within the realms of your sex life; everything about it will improve dramatically! Sex transmutation is a different topic for later but worth being aware of regarding all aspects of life.
The good news is you probably have these in your stock supply already and thus no need to buy those silly mind games.
However there are huge benefits attained from exposing your meditative techniques to sound wave recordings and worth looking into.
Have some experience with these I will gladly share with you too.
Meditation is definitely the best exercise you can luxuriate your entire psyche with especially before and after physical exercise.
On this note have you ever noticed how certain athletes go through the motions of an event whether swimming auto racing or whatever their task is that commands their total attention.
This practice is called simulation where the athlete goes through the motions of the event taking in all the curvatures of the track, obstacles etc and imagining a successful conclusion.
When in your meditative stance before exercising go through the motions of your actions and as the days pass make notes of how your body responds.
You will be amazed at the results especially if you add excellent music to the mix instead of just daydreaming without purpose.
There you have it: meditation, sound waves and excellent upbeat music and let me know your progress and the successes you have obtained.
Thanks for your time and God bless!

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