Using Natural Supplements to Treat Flight Anxiety

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Air travel is practically unavoidable in today's society.
Traveling by other means to go long distances is incredibly impractical.
Many people try to avoid it as often as possible, but the inevitable situation arises occasionally when they are forced to travel by air.
Nearly everyone who flies experiences slight anxiety or moments when they feel that little bit of lurching in their stomachs when they plane takes off, or when it is coming in for a landing.
For the lucky ones this experience is very short, and usually ends after a couple of minutes, and then are simply relegated to the uncomfortable experience of air travel.
However there are a fairly large percentage of travelers that experience these deep feelings of anxiety throughout the entire flight.
There are multiple ways that people who have flight anxiety deal with air travel.
The first is just to bear down and suffer for the duration of their flight.
No matter how fearful and miserable they are they simply sit their in terror and deal with it.
Another method is trying to drown themselves in alcohol.
This method could actually cause the anxiety to get worse, it makes jet-lag worse, and once your arrive at your destination, when you need your faculties intact, you are unfortunately intoxicated.
A third sect of people use prescription medicines to try to ease their anxiety.
Many of these have the same effect of alcohol and cause severe sedation, and once your flight is over you often need your mental sharpness more than ever.
Another alternative for dealing with flight anxiety is to turn towards natural methods.
These include meditation, and supplements.
The supplements vary from herbs, amino acids, to plants, and other natural substances.
Some helpful and safe supplements are: 5-HTP, GABA, Hops, Passionflower, and Valerian Root.
Another popular natural method is using Kava Kava extract, however this extract has been shown to cause liver damage, and should be avoided.

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