Gain Business Altitude With Your Personal Attitude

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Positive thinking is a trait that, if everyone had it in their lives, the world would be a much better place to live.
Some people would tend to disagree with this theory saying that the positive thinkers are just lying to themselves and they don't have a grip on reality.
The truth is that being a positive person can benefit you in many ways; from gaining new friends to living years longer and to thriving in your business.
Here are a few thoughts on learning how you can change your thinking and become one of the positive people.
Positive Attitudes Can Lead to Better Health and Longer Life The subject of having a positive attitude and how it relates to our health and longevity seems to be a popular research topic.
Researchers from the American Psychosomatic Society recently provided the results from a study of 100,000 women during an eight-year period which showed the more hopeful, positive women were 14% less likely to die from any cause and 30% less likely to have died from heart disease.
In this same study, the more cynical, negative women, who were highly distrusted anyone were 16% more likely to die than their positive counterparts.
They were also 23% more likely to die of cancer.
Another study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that a positive mindset, characterized by being happy, lively, and calm, was associated with resistance to the common cold.
Michigan State University reported the results from a study on cancer patients which showed the more positive patients required less pain medication and were more pain tolerant.
Various other studies conducted around the country have concluded that a positive or optimistic attitude seems to play a protective role in our overall health.
It can boost our immune system, keep the blood pressure low, fight depression, and even speeds the healing process after injury or illness.
Grow Old Gracefully with Positive Thinking What is your perception of growing older? Do you fret about the numbers, focus on the esthetic effects of aging that show in your face, hair, body? It's normal to be concerned with our appearance and try to slow the signs of aging, but obsessing about it can actually shorten your life span.
Those that accept growing older as a natural part of life and embrace their maturity have been shown to live 7.
5 years longer than their pessimistic counterparts.
Attract More Friends For the positive people reading this, I probably don't have to point out that negative people tend to have fewer close friends.
After all, who wants to be around the "Negative Nellies?" All of us affect each other through thoughts and feelings.
Negative thoughts, words and attitudes bring up negative and unhappy moods and cause adverse reactions in others.
People are more likely to help those who are positive.
Being positive, happy, uplifting and supportive will draw more people to you and encourage long-term, close relationships.
We have all heard that the "squeaky wheel gets the grease" and it took me a long time to really understand that.
The ones always whining and complaining are usually getting the attention from the positive person because they are always wanting to help, but those squeakers can really take down the spirit of the positive person.
Don't let the squeakers drain you.
Positive Thinking Takes Practice Even if you have been a pessimistic, negative thinker for many years, it's not too late to change your way of thinking and reap the benefits of a positive attitude.
Your pessimistic way of thinking is a habit and habits can be broken.
You can take control of your thoughts...
and not let your thoughts control you.
When you catch yourself thinking a pessimistic thought about an event or person, stop and evaluate those thoughts.
Is your thought a fact or is it based on fear, jealousy, envy or some other negative feeling or perception? Think before you speak.
WOW, that can be so hard sometimes especially when the grind of our daily stress eats away at us a bit.
Try to catch yourself before the words come blurting out and evaluate the thoughts that lead to what you are about to say.
Are your thoughts based on fact or are they just your personal reaction to that person or to what is going on around you? Teach yourself to come up with alternate explanations and future outcomes for all situations.
Instead of expecting the worst and living in a world of gloom and doom, force yourself to see each situation in a more positive light.
If your car starts making a funny noise, don't expect it to lead to hundreds of dollars in repair bills.
Tell yourself that it may just be a minor expense and a warning to take care of something now before it turns into something bigger.
Learn not to take things so personally.
Don't jump to conclusions and assume that your friend didn't return your call because she doesn't like you.
This type of negative thinking will only cause you unnecessary stress and worry.
Instead, assume she is just busy and hasn't had time to call.
Or maybe there is something going on in her life that you need to be understanding of...
and you need to offer support and positive encouragement for.
When you focus on helping others, your problems just do not seem as big; giving you the ability to stay happy and positive and shine your light on others that need their day brightened.
Take time out each day to become aware of all the good in your life.
Focusing on your own problems will only increase negativity.
Make a list of at least five good things that happened to you each day.
It may be hard to do at first, but you will eventually teach yourself to see the good in all things.
Practice positive thinking and you will find that it starts to come naturally.
You not only will be amazed on how much better you feel, but your list of acquaintances, friends and business associates will continue to grow.
Soon you, too, will see the glass half full and will always be looking for the rainbow even during the storm...
like me.

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