Messenger Bags Vs Backpacks

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The duffel bags that some of use carried to school when we were kids are hard to find these days.
The biggest reason for this is probably because they were really hard to carry if they did not have a shoulder harness, and really didn't work out well for school supplies.
Some still use them for sports equipment, but it is rare to see a child or teen carrying one on their way to class.
Instead, they have either a backpack or they carry what are called messenger bags.
Some kids have a preference, and if not, you should make an informed choice.
The choice between messenger bags and backpacks may seem like a matter of preference, but there are some medical reasons why you may want to choose one over the other.
Many kids carry a backpack over one shoulder, and they pack way too much into the bag.
This can lead to strain on the neck and shoulders, and some kids get a lot of pain and have medical issues because of it.
They can have the same problems with messenger bags, but not quite as often.
If you want your kids to have a backpack, but they tend to over pack them, buy them smaller ones.
This means they can not over pack no matter how hard they try, and they then won't put too much stress on their neck and back.
They may have to carry a few things in their hands, like a lunch pail or a jacket that they are not wearing because the weather has warmed up, but that is not a huge burden.
Your concern should be how heavy their bag is and what you can do to change that.
Getting messenger bags is also a way to make sure they do not over pack.
Messenger bags do not cause a huge problem (though they can) with being too heavy.
In general, these are flatter and not very thick, so they can not be packed with as much as some backpacks.
This means it is going to be hard for your child to get these to be too heavy, unless of course they are toting around a rock collection in the bottom of messenger bags.
If your child simply is not dealing well with the backpack, see if they like a messenger bag instead of the usual pack they have been carrying around with them to school and for other activities.
Messenger bags also sit on the shoulders a bit different.
They can be carried like a woman may carry her purse, but more often than not kids will put them over the neck to carry them.
If they start to sense discomfort they will simply swing the bag over to the other side and they will instantly feel better.
You do not have as many options for comfort with a backpack if it is simply too heavy.
Messenger bags tend to be more popular with teenagers for this reason, as well as because they often associate backpacks with being a kid.

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