Scientific And Religious Personal Development

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Personal development is a science not an art form. If you wish to change your life you must take a scientific approach to manifesting your dreams and ensure you follow certain procedures with scientific accuracy.

Personal development has, in the past, been a luxury pursuit of the rich, famous or dedicated seeker. However, as we find ourselves firmly planted in the 21st Century personal development is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.

The term Personal Development has historically been a lose term used to describe the development of yourself in some area or field of expertise. However, in this day and age, it really refers to creating the type of self improvement at a mental, emotional and spiritual level that can create real positive physical changes in character and life experience.

As the fear-mongers and financial elite continually drive home the concept that we are entering the worst recession in a hundred years it is now more than ever that we need to launch ourselves on the personal development trail. It is your responsibility to rise above the controlled collective consciousness of lack and embrace the truth that we are all connected and have access to unlimited supplies of everything!

Quantum physics is continually pushing past the old boundaries imposed by outdated science and showing us the way. It is being shown that the quantum world is composed of just one enegery field. Quantum physics is discovering, through scientific experimentation, that this field exists and is the building block from which everything in existence is made.

How does this discovery connect to personal development?

Well religious, metaphysical and esoteric texts have always told us that we are all connected and that there is only one God who is spiritual in nature. We have been told that we are given dominion over life itself. Jesus told us that we are the temple of the living God. Buddha became conscious of his connection with God. We are told that God is spirit and permeates all things. If you believe that there is only one God and that he permeates everything in existence then you must also believe that everything takes its form from this one God. That means that there can only be one true consciousness in existence - God!

All forms self improvement operate on the belief that there is one energy field to which we are all connected and through which we demonstrate our individual personalities. However, we always remain a part of the whole and cannot escape that, no matter how hard we try.

Science is now confirming that all these beliefs are true. Quantum theory postulates that this energy field, or divine matrix, is the starting point of all matter. In fact matter, or material objects, are just small packets of energy, within this one energy field, that group together to form things!

A great deal of research and a varied group of truth-seeking scientists have discovered strong evidence to suggest this matrix is composed of electromagnetic energy. This means the very fabric of material objects are electromagnetic in nature. It is also being shown that our thoughts are composed of the exact same electromagnetic properties as the very energy field in which we live, move and have our being!

Electromagnetic properities are similar to other forms of magnetism - magnetic! Therefore, if your thoughts are magnetised to this matrix of energy, which is the fabric of reality as we know it, and physical objects are part of this matrix then you can use your thoughts to attract things! Thoughts become things!

Learning to use this knowledge in a way that can change your life is the very basis of personal development. The reason why it is so hard for most of us to grasp this concept, never mind use it to our advantage, lies in the fact that most of our life experiences and material objects are created and attracted to us by our subconscious thoughts. It is the automatic thoughts you think that are responsible for creating your life! Most of these thoughts are negative in nature.

To truly elevate yourself above the collective consciousness and become the master of your own life you must fully embrace this axiom. It is necessary to find and then eliminate the negative thoughts and beliefs you hold that have held you back from achieving your dreams. Personal development is just a tool to achieve this. Use it to alter your automatic thinking. Then you will be free to consciously think yourself into any life you desire!


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