The Secret of Setting Up a Profitable USB Memory Sticks Business at Zero Cost! Part II

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I hope you have already setup your PayPal account by now and it is time for you to look for a reliable supplier.
To find a reliable a supplier that can provide good products and services is not easy, if you need to find suppliers on internet, make sure you know their backgrounds.
If someone is going to return your call or email after 48 hours, I think you better don't deal with him.
I n this competitive market, your order will be snatched away by your competitor if the quote was submitted late.
And try to ask for credit terms after a few deals, it is much easier to work if you gain trust and support from your suppliers.
You need to do some business planning and market research on your competitors.
An ancient Chinese military strategist and philosopher known as Sun Tzu has quotes "If you knowthe enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt" So it is vital to know what is your competitors selling and establish your clients base.
You must learn to create your Total Value Proposition - Why customer buys from you.
Here is the example: Total Value Proposition (BMW car manufacturer) Core Positioning + Pricing Positioning + Benefits = Value BMW -Safety + More value for same price + Sporty = Value I suggest you read up some of the marketing and sales books from some great authors like Philip Kotler, Brian Tracy, Kelly Robertson, Anthony Parinello and Stephan Schiffman during your time.
I'll talk about how to create your first Email-Marketing Champaign on next article.

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