Skin Tags - What Are They And How Did I Get Them?

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What are they? Skin tags, also known as "acrochordons" or "cutaneous papilloma", are benign, non-cancerous skin tumors.
They are best described as bits of skin-colored or flesh-colored tissue projecting from the surrounding skin from a small, narrow stalk.
You may have heard these growths referred to as skin tabs or even barnacles.
Skin tags are often diagnosed incorrectly as moles, warts or molluscum.
Like wise, these said conditions can also be diagnosed incorrectly as skin tags.
If you were to examine a skin tag under the microscope, examination would reveal tissue composed of fibrous collagen fibers and dilated capillaries, indicating that a skin tag is softer, more elastic, and about as vascularized as the surrounding skin.
Actually quite harmless in nature, these tags seem to accumulate more on some individuals than others.
Some people may have as many as 50 to 100 tags on their body.
A tag can also be an indicator of an underlying health problem.
These underlying health problems that can cause skin tags, can also be quite dangerous.
So finding out why you have those skin tags is an important step in protecting your health.
What causes them?? What causes this growth isn't really clear.
It appears that it may have something to do with the friction created by the act of rubbing parts of the body together or tight clothes rubbing certain areas of the body.
That's why sometimes gaining weight may cause the growth of tags.
Then again, some individuals have an abundance of these solely due to genetics.
Women are just as likely to get these as men.
In some individuals even a moderate increase in weight can trigger a dramatic increase in these growths.
Skin tags also appear on those individuals of normal weight but who have larger breasts.
The tags themselves usually form under the breasts.
When formed here, many times this is caused by an under-wire bra that has been continually rubbing in this area.
They also tend to form in the underarm area, at the base of the neck on the eyelids and even in the folds of the groin.
In fact, in teens the underarm area is a common area for the tags.
It's thought they're created due to rubbing from the various sports teens are usually involved in.
If none of these conditions fit your profile, yet you've developed skin tags, think back to when they first appeared.
It is not uncommon for these growths to be stimulated by hormonal changes in a body.
Specifically, women who are pregnant develop them.
Getting rid of them?? If there's a health condition that needs "fixing", there's an over-the-counter remedy that promises to fix it.
In this case you can purchase several topical products, all claiming to be able to remove the unwanted growths in a matter of minutes.
But most of all, they all claim to be able to remove them for less -- much less -- than the cost of a trip to your dermatologist.
Of these, the most popular one seems to be a product called DermaTend.
This particular formula is quite versatile, claiming it can also remove warts and moles.

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