How Early Can We Teach Our Baby to Read

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It may seem hard to believe but babies can begin learning to read shortly after birth.
Just how soon can they begin learning? Let's determine how we can tell if they are ready to begin.
First of all, a baby's visual tracking has to be developed before we can teach them to read.
Parents can measure their baby's ability to visual track by placing an object about 8-10 inches away from their baby's face.
Move the object to the left and then the right as you closely observe your baby's eye movement.
Is your baby able to follow the object from left to right? If so, your baby's visual pathway has developed enough to be able to focus on words.
Visual tracking generally develops by the third month.
Some babies are ready to begin learning to read earlier, some later.
Once you have determined your baby's ability to visually track an object, you can begin.
Often time's parents wait much later to begin a reading program with their baby.
Their reasons are typically because they didn't know they could begin any sooner or they just thought their baby was too young.
Parents should be encouraged to begin a baby reading program as early as they are able.
I began teaching my 10-month-old baby to read many years ago.
I was very excited to begin, but I ran into many obstacles.
I made some flash cards and held them up for my baby, but she would not look at them.
I was not deterred.
I knew we could make this work.
I then created books for my baby with a word and then a picture.
This method seemed to capture her attention.
She really loved the books.
She enjoyed seeing the words and then the pictures.
I set about to keep up with her demand for more and more books.
Sadly to say, she didn't read as a baby, although she did practically teach herself to read at 4 years old with just a little phonetic instruction.
When I began the process a second time, I started much younger.
I began teaching my 3 month old to read.
This time we were successful.
I believe this has a lot to do with beginning earlier, however I know many parents who have successfully taught older babies to read, so it is possible.
Patience, faith and having good materials are key to your success.

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