A Reminder to Photographers - The Significance of Photography

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There is always information I can share with clients looking for or going to photographers, but sometimes I forget to share some bits of advice for photographers.
This article is my way of reminding all photographers, the new and the experienced, of why we initially got into photography and the importance of what we do.
Do something for me for a minute...
Close your eyes.
I want you to think back to when you first decided you wanted to be a photographer.
It may have been 3 months ago or it may have been 30 years ago.
Now, think back to how you felt.
Why was it you went into photography in the first place? Was it for fame, glory, money? I doubt it.
I'm betting you decided to be a photographer because of your love of people and helping them capture special moments in their lives.
I think it's so easy for us photographers to forget our roots - why we started in this industry in the first place.
We get distracted by bills, taxes, products, pricing, packaging, marketing, and all the other jobs we undertake as business owners.
If you could just take 5 minutes before each session and remind yourself of what you are doing and the very importance of it, think what phenomenal images you might take and how much better you will be serving your clients! Let's say you're doing the formal portraits at a wedding, and you really hate doing formals.
There is nothing fun or creative involved in taking stiff, posed, group photos.
I'd encourage you to remember how important these images are going to be to the mother of the bride and mother of the groom, and the bride herself.
Especially in years to come.
Also you shouldn't feel like you can't be creative! Take your standard portraits, but come up with something fun you can do too! That way you and your client are happy! My point is...
we photographers are so lucky to be invited in these individuals lives! We are trusted to capture those fleeting moments for our clients.
Moments that pass all too quickly.
But if we stay true to ourselves and the reasons we got into photography in the first place - we will be able to provide our clients with images that reflect each precious little detail and the emotions felt in that instant in their lives.

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