Know How to Use Catfishing Baits

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There are unquestionably numerous forms of bait that you can use in order to land catfish.
Catfish are generally scroungers and will definitely eat a sizable variety of foodstuffs and perhaps even some objects.
However, the question is: do you think you are utilizing those particular baits correctly in an effort to land a monster catfish? When angling for catfish, taking some time to analyze your surroundings in order to locate the fish is much more to your advantage than your choice of bait.
It is meaningless to constantly use different types of bait while you have parked yourself in one place wishing that a catfish would find you.
Typically, "cats" like to hide out.
It is vital that you study the river, lake, pond, or other body of water in which you are angling to discover precisely where the best hiding places are.
Stay active with your fishing gear when you are angling for catfish.
Move around and pay attention to what's going on around you; be observant.
If you see something protruding out of the water, slip over and pitch a fresh shad head near the object.
Look for a good eddy and give that area a chance too.
You'll know pretty quickly whether or not there is fish in that location.
If you're getting no action within about twenty minutes or so try another area.
Be sure not to move the bait around unnecessarily as it needs to remain still to be most effective.
When flooding has occurred the higher water levels offer an excellent opportunity for catfishing.
The cats will head directly for the newly flooded areas as they represent a feeding ground that was heretofore out of reach and they'll eat ravenously.
Cut Bluegill or fresh shad heads should be the bait of choice in this scenario.
Though it is possible to fish for cats anytime throughout the day, the ideal plan for catfishing is early morning and in the evening.
During the day cats normally remain on the floor of a body of water.
After sunset they come up to the shallows to forage for food.
Overcast and/or rainy days can be another peak time to angle for catfish.
During such favorable conditions you've got a chance for a really nice haul.
From a seasonal perspective, spring to early autumn can be great for angling channel catfish primarily because of higher waters.
Cats are decidedly livelier at this time thus making them somewhat easier to land.
If you're looking for exercise try reeling in a catfish.
You will get a workout fighting with this game fish.
Keep in mind that you really need to be flexible enough to move around.
If you have been doing everything right in terms of using the proper baits and equipment, and you have observed and recognized the weather conditions, but still you haven't hooked anything inside twenty to thirty minutes then you should move to another location.
If you see gulls inspecting a particular area, head downwind of them as it's likely a pretty fertile area.
Don't forget to hunt for a good eddy.
Cats will roam through channels looking for food.
You need to be proactive when catfishing.
Use the tools and techniques at your disposal to find them.
Otherwise you will have a lot less fun if you sit around and wait for them to find you.
By using the proper skills and techniques, combined with the appropriate equipment and bait, it is possible to land a great number of catfish.

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