Ab Circle Mini Review

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The Ab Circle Mini is a new model of the highly popular AbCirclePro abdominal fitness machine.
The original model sold over 2 million items in many countries and has been the subject of numerous articles and reviews online.
Now, with the launch of the new model, it's time to explore what it has to offer us and to see whether or not it is right for you.
In a way, there is not that much difference between the Ab Circle Mini and the original version.
I'm talking from a functional point of you, the "What can it do for me" perspective.
The Mini Circle does pretty much the same thing as the bigger model does: you use it in the same way and it's geared to provide you with an abs workout and a cardiovascular stimulation at the same time.
There is no doubt that it does both things, to a certain degree.
The cardio workout will likely not be one of the hardest you can do.
It will probably be no match to running, spinning, aerobic classes, or even brisk walking, due to the small range of motion and the way the machine allows you to build momentum (something that can decrease the intensity of a workout).
However, it is certainly better than not working out at all.
As to the abdominal exercise, the Ab Circle Pro Mini workouts the stomach at a different angle and form than most traditional stomach exercises do.
As this is a very new product, we can only assume it will get mixed reviews as did its predecessor.
Some people love this machine and swear by it.
Others are a bit more negative and skeptical.
However, there is one thing you need to know and keep in mind: there is no such thing as spot fat reduction.
This means that you can't burn fat off a specific body part by training that part.
You can lose leg fat by doing squats, or arm fat by doing bicep curls, and you can lose stomach fat by doing crunches.
You lose fat from all over your body according to your genetic make up or internal hormonal balance.
What I'm trying to say here is that the working out with the Mini Circle can help you make your abs stronger.
However, to really get that lean, firm look you will have to burn off body fat.
This means that you need to place this machine in perspective and not make it your one and only workout tool or routine.
It can help you get the stomach you want, but without other exercise, the right diet, and patience and dedication, results are not guaranteed.
But, the new and lower price of the machine and it being smaller and lighter make it a more tempting product to use.

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