Choosing a Heavy Bag for your Heavy Bag Workout

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In order to have a safe and productive heavy bag workout [] it is important you have a slight knowledge of what to look for when buying a heavy bag. Different people will always be more suited for certain heavy bags than others. Therefore I'm going to give you the tools to know what to look for so that you can choose the right heavy bag for you.

Selecting the heavy bag that is right for you can make a big difference in your heavy bag workout. For example, if you choose to purchase a heavy bag that is too large for you, you may encounter serious injuries to your hands and wrists due to the amount of force the bag will have when you throw a punch. On the other hand, when a heavy bag is too small for you, you may find your heavy bag swinging far too much, making it harder to conduct a heavy bag workout, as you'll spend most of your time straightening back up the bag. The most common size heavy bags you may find can be between 25lbs to 150lbs. Bags around 40lbs maybe used for woman using the bag for a light workout and who are not looking to throw huge punches onto the bag. 70lb bags are ideally for men or woman weighing in around 150- 170 pounds who are using the heavy bag simply for toning up or for fitness. If you're 170lbs plus, or if you want to use your heavy bag for strength training then you'd be looking for a heavy bag weighing 100lbs or over. However, I must warn you that when you use bags 100lbs or more then make sure you always wrap your hands and wrist with boxing wraps.

In terms of pricing, the weight of the heavy bag doesn't hugely affect the price of the bag, especially with Everlast heavy bags. The main thing that affects the price is the material. There are quite a few materials used such as vinyl, canvas and leather for heavy bags. If you can afford it, then I would always recommend leather heavy bags. These are what all-decent boxing gyms use due to its ability to withstand a huge amount of punishment. They also can offer your hands a greater deal of protection, which is always a big concern of mine when I get people started on a heavy bag workout. If your looking to start boxing or want to use a heavy bag for self defence then a would also recommend a leather heavy bag as it is said to most replicate a human opponent.

There are many different brands of heavy bags, although when you're just starting out I'd recommend Everlast heavy bag []s every time due to Everlast's experience and value for money. Remember to take all of these things into consideration when purchasing a heavy bag, as they can be quite costly, but your heavy bag workout [] will benefit from it.


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