Dental Office Decorating Ideas

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    Paint the walls a neutral color

    • Colors such as light blue or beige can help patients remain calm in the waiting room and in the procedure room.

    Hang dentistry-inspired artwork

    • Whether it is a framed poster or painting, avoid choosing artwork that shows the painful side of dentistry, for example, a painting of someone crying during a dental procedure. Opt for artwork that is more interesting and happy.

    Put in a fish tank

    • Many people go into a dentist office feeling afraid and tense. Watching the fish in the waiting room can help patients feel at ease and can distract nervous or rambunctious children.

    Display antique dental books

    • The books can be conversation starters and can show people how far dental procedures and practices have come. They can serve as décor in the procedure room until a patient wants to look through them.

    Put out greenery

    • Sometimes dentist offices can seem cold. Putting out several plants in the waiting area and throughout the rest of the office can add a bit of life and color.


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